Saturday, December 1, 2012

Training to Relieve Stress

How many of you have used training as a form of stress relief or have had moments where you are just so pissed that all you want to do is head to the gym and lift?

Personally, I find training the best form of stress relief, especially lifting and lifting heavy.

You must all be wondering by now where I am going with this blog and what happened to create it. Well without going into too much detail, I'll give you two words to sum it all up.....EX-WIFE!!
Enough said! Anyone who has one of these in their lives needs no more explanation to understand my frustration.

In one respect, even talking about it, would almost make it seem as though she is winning, however little does she know that the more she pisses me off, the more I push and the more drive and determination I have at the gym. So, in the long run, yes, she irritates me but the frustration gives me a desire to pump it out, making me feel better and fitter for both myself and my husband. All the better for me so......Yay Me!

My point with this post; is not to explain how frustratingly annoying selfish ex-wives can be.  The point, however, is to explain how great training can be as a method of stress relief.

Remember this; instead of over-eating, drinking or whatever other unhealthy habit and excuse you use to avoid training when you have a bad day; get to the gym, train hard, sweat and push all that negative energy out. I'll guarantee that you feel better afterwards!

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