Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blessings and reflections of 2012

I am sorry that I haven't written a post in so long but we were away for Christmas and as odd as it may be my parents don't have Internet services in their house. (Not really an excuse I suppose because I could of always used my phone...) anyhow, I am back now!

How was everyone's Christmas and New Years? We had a great holiday. It's always so sad that time goes so fast but we enjoyed it. We flew to my home town on December 16 and hung out with my family and friends until the 29th. Flew back, spent a couple of days with Kevin's parents and landed back in our own home on December 31st with Kevin's kids as well. We are still enjoying some time with them before they leave tomorrow and we all go back to reality and work on January 7th. 

As 2012 came to a close I did a lot of reflecting on the blessings I had over the year and on the goals accomplished. 2012 was a great year for me, not only did I change my lifestyle and my fitness path but I competed, I changed the way I look at my body and myself and I have realized that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

In 2012, we bought a house which we love, furnished it, my parents came to visit, we travelled, we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, my husband joined me in the gym and is loving it, I completed a course which I had been working on professionally for my career and we had the many blessings of spending time with family and friends.

I was worried about this break and going home in regards to my eating plan and how I would find balance but it seems I did ok. I kept my training regimen going throughout but I wasn't as strict with it and I also kept a balanced eating plan without feeling deprived. Overall, I'd say I enjoyed it all with no regrets.....the food, the company, the fun, the wine. 

I have been back on track for a few days now and I feel great. Life in 2013 has been good so far. My training is going well, I'll have my first appointment with Andrew on Monday. I completed a mega leg workout two days ago and I can still hardly move from the waste; so things are back to normal.

My goals for 2013: 
Get a 1 mile run in 6 minutes (current time 6:50)
Get 8 full pull-ups in a row
Work on my 225lb squat until I can get at least 90 degrees for 5 reps
Compete again
Become a certified personal trainer
Try hot yoga
Be patient, work hard and be happy

Until next time.

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