Monday, January 14, 2013

A great day!

Today, my last day off, was a great day for several reasons.

1) I slept in, woke and just lay there enjoying the peace and quiet.

2) I had a fantastic workout with my fabulous trainer. It was tough but those are always the best ones.

10 sets of 200lb sled pulls (across the gym and back) followed by 10 burped push-ups

3) I got all my cooking done for the week and tried  a new recipe which I will post for you tomorrow.

4) I decided to do a fast day today because my stomach hasn't been doing so well and I haven't been feeling that great about myself in general. So I needed a reset. Today I had so much energy and I was so much more positive just from getting away from the mindless eating every 3-4 hours.

5) And I'll be spending the remainder of my evening with my husband when he arrives back from Edmonton. He flew there this morning for work and I'll be happy to curl up and relax with him.

How was everyone else's day?

Until next time.

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