Saturday, January 19, 2013

When the Gym feels like Home

What does it mean when the Gym feels like Home?

I suppose some would say that if the gym starts to feel like home then maybe you are heading towards an obsession or need a life.

Pfff….I beg to differ. The gym is my ‘ME’ time, my time to shut off this busy, fast-paced world, reduce some stress and concentrate on nothing only me and my body. So I get psyched to go there.

Now for me, not all gyms are equal. What I mean is; I don’t just walk into any gym and feel at home. It’s all in the atmosphere and training experience. Personally my go to gym is World Gym, Fort McMurray. It has tons of equipment, I feel comfortable there, the people (both employees and fellow members) are friendly and helpful; I may not know everyone’s name but we recognize each other with a smile, wave or friendly hello.

When the big changes started to take place with my body and competition prep was in full force; I had a lot of regulars commenting on my progress, my strength and my dedication.  It felt good to have some serious builders notice my commitment and results.

The atmosphere, here at World Gym, is great. Everyone is serious about their training; which is big because as you know, I love getting my sweat on. Every time I walk in the door it feels like coming home and even when I have to push myself to go, I feel better when I get there.

So what about you?
Does your gym feel like home yet?
Or do you have a gym right in your own house?

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