Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Weekend of Enjoyable Little Things

What a fabulous, uneventful weekend! It was great!

As you know my husband and I don't get many 'free' weekends; weekends where we stay at home, where there is no travelling anywhere and where we can really relax.

This weekend we did exactly that and it was fantastic. I call it 'our weekend of enjoyable little things' and so I thought I would dedicate this blog to exactly that.

Some of those things included:

1) snuggling and cuddling with my husband, enjoying eachothers company and going out for a nice dinner

2) morning coffee or tea while relaxing with a book; I started reading 'Wheat Belly', a great read and very interesting

3) hardcore training together all weekend long

4) curling up next to the fireplace on a cold evening

5) dinner and a few glasses of wine at home with friends

6) and last but not least sleeping in

I can honestly say I feel refreshed and I still have one more day off. I am wishing it could last awhile longer but unfortunately reality is coming upon us again too quickly.

Tomorrow is my day of cooking for the shift and a training session with Andrew. I am also contemplating making tomorrow a fast day, which will be a challenge because I haven't done one for quite awhile.

I hope everyone's weekend was enjoyable. What did you guys do?

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