Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Working toward my Goals

Andrew is back and as suspected I am sore today….lol but I had a great workout last night.

We concentrated on going over my goals and seeing where I am with each as well as adding some more.

Goals I am currently working on:
-          6 minute mile
-          225lb squat for 5 (all the way down)
-          8 clean pull ups
-          225lb deadlift
-          50 push-ups at once
-          Run 7 floors in 25secs
-          Determine max run distance in 20 minutes and continue to improve
-          Pistol squats
-          Murph workout for time

So last night we went through some of these to see where I am.

6 clean pull ups (8 shouldn’t take me long to achieve)
5 good squats at 205lbs and 10 good ones at 185lbs
38 push-ups (I could have gotten 40 but I stopped…grrrr)
Pistol Squats off a bench for 3 sets of 10/leg
Dumb Bell Clean & Press Max (5 reps/arm with 40lbs, I got the 50lbs up once on the left side only)

We also discussed the competitions that I mentioned yesterday and he thinks I should go for both so why not! I’m excited!

Tonight my hubby and I are off to the gym together. Not sure what we are working because there aren’t many muscles in my body that don’t hurt today so I’ll figure it out later.

Kevin also had a great first day back with Andrew and it’s so nice to see him excited about training. It gives me more motivation as well.

Looking forward to tomorrow being that it’s the last day of work again for 5 days. Although there are no major plans; it’ll be nice to be home with my hubby, to relax, train and spend some time with friends.

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