Friday, January 18, 2013

Pull-up Practice

Last night's appointment with my personal trainer was nothing out of the ordinary. I mean tough, sweaty, empowering and more than a little exhausting are normal.

That's what I pay him for after all.

The workout was 50 minutes of nothing but pull-ups. One pull-up every 30 seconds which equals 100 in total.

And boy am I sore today. I can hardly lift my arms over my head...ha...awesome!
Freaky that I love that, isn't it?

So the purpose in doing this is to improve my pull movements. My goal is to get 10 clean pull-ups in a row and right now I am stuck at 6. Pull-ups will improve the strength in my back, shoulders, core and arms.

I ended my gym session with 20 minutes of treadmill intervals as well. No session is complete without some cardio to finish it off.

Other pull-up practice variations that I will be trying in the near future include doing a pull-up every 25 seconds or 20 seconds and so on.

Amazing how when I started this journey I could barely do these assisted and now they are slowly becoming one of my favorite exercises.

Yay me! Fit Girls Rock!!!

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