Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here's to little things!

Time for another grateful and thankful post.

I think doing these posts has made me really appreciate the things that we, as individuals, tend to take for granted. It helps me reflect and focus on the truly important things and also on some of those little things that make life worth while.

So this past week, I am so thankful for my family. For special conversations, laughs, moments with my husband and friends.

*running on the beach with my neice*
I am thankful for the intense workouts Andrew has created and gotten me addicted too. Also, grateful that I am really learning how to push past my limits. Not only am I pushing myself but I see my husband doing the same thing which also feeds my motivation even more.

*post cardio and plyometric workout*

Sunday, I was happy for carb re-feed day (oatmeal, fruit, rice, rice cakes--yum!), I also splurged on a coffee from Tim Horton's and it was oh so great.

Happy to go shopping and look at sizes that range from 0-2 as opposed to 6-8. It feels so great to know that I worked really hard to achieve this body and sizes; that I dug deep and made it happen for me. Shopping is even more enjoyable than before.

*just me*

Grateful for the opportunity to try hot yoga, for beating a couple of personal bests, for building even more endurance and strength.

The book 'devote yourself to an ideal' has been an eye opener and it teaches an important lesson. That anyone can be and achieve anything that they want with hard work and the simple belief that they can do it.

So to end this post, believe in yourself. Be thankful for your abilities and work hard to make yourself into the best possible you.

Think about this: Why not you? Why someone else but not you? The power is within you; you just have to grab it and give it ALL you've got.

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