Thursday, December 13, 2012


Up at 6:30am, at the gym by 8am for my last session with Andrew of 2012. It was a great leg workout, only incorporated 2 exercises; squats and lunges but if you go big and hardcore, that's enough!

Workout went like this:
Squats- low as possible
135lbs for 10, 205lbs for 5, 6 and another 5, 155lbs for 8 and 135 again for 10

Walking Lunges- come right down
45lb dumb bells for 20, 50lb dumb bells for 20, 35lb dumb bells for 30.
*50lb dumb bells is another personal best*

Beating personal bests is so motivational. I love it! I have so far completed all my December goals except the hot yoga which I will have to roll over into a January goal, I think.

Staying motivated can be difficult, especially at this time of year, however setting small goals for yourself helps to stay focused and driven. All those small goals eventually come together as a part of your ultimate, bigger goal.

So work is done for 2012. Hooray! Kevin will be done today, we are driving tomorrow morning, hanging out at Kevin's parents on Saturday and flying on Sunday. So excited to go home!

The remainder of the day today will be spent doing laundry, packing and hanging out with my hubby when he gets home.

My back is still so stiff and sore that I think a nice hot bath will be much deserved. I feel pooped but so great. I am generally all about pushing myself, Andrew helps of course, but I have learned that without discipline, consistency, desire and a willingness to get out of ones comfort zone results will never be achieved.

Stay motivated!
Until next time!

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