Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Beginning of my Fit Life

Fitness has always been apart of my life; I played sports in high school, I love to run, I even completed the Group Fitness theory course at the YMCA so that I could teach classes, i helped teach Pilates for a bit, i have completed a half marathon and I got into weights moderately at least in my early twenties. However I always wanted the tight, firm look but I never knew how or maybe I just never wanted to put in the extra effort it takes to get there.

Sure I ran daily, played sports and occasionally lifted light to moderate weights but there was little to no change in my body because I still choose to eat good but NOT clean. Clean eating takes a huge amount of will power and let's face it, it is much easier to eat junk than to have to cook your own food especially with the busy lifestyles we lead today.

Despite all of this however a fitness competition is also something that has always been on my list of things that I want to achieve in life so one day I heard friends at work talking about this great trainer (Andrew Bambury wbff pro) and so I decided to give him a call.

We met in October 2011 and I got started, he gave me a nutrition plan and daily workout schedule and I also worked out with him guiding me 2-3 times per week. Things were finally on the right track toward my fitness goals.

I started out at 156lbs and although I thought I wasn't that big and that I was in good shape--I was fat! Looking back at it now, I led a fairly healthy lifestyle and I was in half decent shape but I wasn't educated on proper diet or proper training if I wanted to really achieve my ultimate goals.

So here were my stats when I started (October 25, 2011):
weight: 156lbs
chest: 93.5cm
waist: 87.5cm
hips: 104cm
right leg: 59.5cm
right arm: 31cm

Keep reading to follow me on my journey to my first ever fitness competition.

Train Hard

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