Sunday, September 30, 2012

8 weeks out

Its the 8 weeks out point and boy am i nervous. I see results but I am not sure where I should be at this point so I am unclear about whether or not I will be ready.
Beautiful weekend so I started each morning with my cardio (walk/run), feeling great- muscles are stiff and sore in my butt and legs but I feel positive again. Went into town to do some shopping and enjoyed my quiet time, however I still feel like I need some relaxation—maybe a spa day or something would be nice. Just a thought!!
I was over the moon this afternoon when I tried on a pair of size 0 capris and they fit like a glove, so of course I bought them. My first size 0 pants.

I ended my day at the gym and my workout was fabulous. Bis, abs, intervals and incline walk (2 hours total).
A little concerned that I may not be eating enough. A typical day starts with a shake, egg whites, then protein and greens for lunch, a shake post workout and usually another protein and greens somewhere else in the day. Moodiness comes and goes with no real pattern or reason, it has to be the diet.

Another exciting note: I did win a free photo shoot (one on one) for competition day so I am super, super excited about that and it gives me more motivation to look my very best and push myself hard to get there.

I noticed the vein in my right bicep is starting to protrude more and that pleases me immensely. I will be taking pictures every couple of weeks to take note of any changes and progress.

Overall I am very happy with how I feel, with my energy levels and the differences I can see in my body.

I got this!!


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