Sunday, September 30, 2012

Learning and moving Forward

As I move forward with my training, I learn about all the gym equipment and how to use it properly and my trainer pushes me to my max. I leave the gym after each session feeling completely exhausted, hardly being able to lift my arms or my legs feel like led weights and yes even with all this I am enjoying it. I feel the best I ever have in my life :)

My diet is very clean and results are beginning to show in terms of muscle definition, weight loss and endurance. I am eating no processed food at this point and its amazing how great I feel. I suffer from IBS, I often have migraine headaches and I generally have bad menstrual cramps but since I have moved toward the clean, fit lifestyle most of these issues have all but gone away.

I have come to one realization, without a trainer (for me at least), I would never have pushed myself to lift this heavy or be this consistent with workouts and diet.

Here I am completing a plank with a 45lb plate on my back.

Until next time!

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