Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally it Moved

So another day closer to my goals and today I am ecstatic. I finally saw the scale move to the 120’s. I am currently sitting at 128lbs. Super Excited! I am not sure if it’s the positive attitude, the fast day yesterday but I am at least seeing movement.
I also found a dramatic increase in energy yesterday and I took on a really positive outlook. The energy may have come from the carb reload day on Sunday but no matter what it was, I felt great! I had a great run last night and we worked shoulders and abs as well. Kevin took my pics and my abs look tighter (not much muscle definition but tighter) and my back is friggin’ awesome.
I was even feeling lighter J I posted the pics to facebook and got some amazing comments from friends which all helps in the motivational process.

Talked to the suit lady yesterday and I have my first consult on Thursday morning at 9am—excited about that as well.
I am determined again today to stay focused and positive. I am feeling more tired than yesterday though and sitting here at my desk at work doesn’t help but such is life.
I have requested my time off before the competition as well as approval to take one day a weekend off so we will see what becomes of that. 

Goal Today—Stay Focused and Keep Going!

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