Sunday, September 30, 2012

12 weeks out

Yikes!!! 12 weeks out.

Feeling awesome but everyone feels great when they are on vacation. My mom and dad are here to visit but I am still eating clean and maintaining all my workouts.

I received an email from Andrew drastically changing the diet and upping the workout routine. Currently we are starting the carb depletion diet in order to keep from being pushed in the last few weeks before the competition.

My diet now only consists of egg whites, green veggies, white fish and chicken breast, 1 shake after my workout, 1 gallon of water along with my supplementation.

My workouts now include cardio daily, 2 sessions of high intensity cardio per week and 5 days of weight training. (legs, shoulders, back and bis, chest and tris and a total body workout)
So far I have been feeling awesome energy wise and am going strong. Glad mom and dad are here although they are not impressed with my diet plan, mostly because they don't understand the process, however they are being supportive. I will admit some slipups like some nuts and coffee for example but nothing drastic.
I am so stoked to be going through this process because this has always been a dream of mine. Praying that I make it and am ready in time.

Here is the poster for the competition I am taking part in.

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