Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting Closer

At 11 weeks out my weight is currently sitting at 130lbs which is not really much of a movement after one week of eating carb free.

I am feeling good energy wise however and being that I am still off on vacation I am taking advantage of the time to workout throughout the day. Currently I am doing my cardio in the morning outside while the weather is still cooperating and weights later when Kevin gets home from work, so we can go together. 
This week I have tackled Abasand Hill everyday for 4-6 reps up and down (running)


My mom and dad left to go home on September 5th so it was a hard day for me. I didn’t give in to wanting to eat junk and I did complete my workouts but I was pretty down and everything was getting to me especially this diet. By Friday I was irritable and grouchy and feeling sorry for myself.

Went out of town to visit my husband's parents and kids for the weekend and I did surprisingly well, I was emotional and out of sorts but I had great workouts was feeling good about my body and stuck to my diet.

Although the scale isn't moving much I am getting leaner. I can feel and see noticeable changes in my body.

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