Sunday, September 30, 2012


September 21st

Starting my morning as planned with cardio and it’s a beautiful sunny day.

Egg whites and a shake for breakfast and then relaxing with some yoga while Kevin went to pick up the boys.

Feeling cravings for food that I am not allowed today and wishing I could eat something bad…
Stayed focused and strong however and kept busy. Got my leg workout in at the gym and my evening cardio but by supper time I was pooped and on the low energy side.

Finally registered for the show and got a message that they are giving away a free photo shoot for the next 10 to register, fingers crossed that I get it.
I noticed when I undressed for the shower that my veins are more noticeable in my ab and arm area which is a great sign of getting leaner. I find at this point that I am constantly looking at my body for any slight change or new vein.

I have increased my leg workouts to twice a week as I am hoping to bring out the definition there that I am lacking.
Anyway I got through the day but it was a tough one. My workout did perk me up and make me feel better though. I have to take this thing day by day now and stay as positive and focused as well. Things do seem to be progressing and I am looking leaner.

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