Sunday, September 30, 2012

Intermittant Fasting

I have to go back a step and inform you all about a technique we tried around mid February- early March known as intermittant fasting. We started with a 10-day program which incorporated days of fasting with days of high/low calorie and a cheat day (the best part) then we moved into a couple of 7 day programs.

After several weeks of following this, I had noticed some serious drops in weight and inches. Its funny how we believe that as soon as our stomach growls we need food immediatley, this is not the case, in fact on the fasting days I found I had more energy than on the non-fast days and it helped me learn when my body is really hungry vs when I just want food because its routine to do so.

This program is not however something that I would do for long periods of time but something that for me seemed to kick start my body in the right direction.

Beginning Measurements and weight:
chest: 93.5cm
waist: 87.5cm
hips: 104cm
right leg: 59.5cm
right arm: 31cm

As of July 6th
chest: 89cm
waist: 77cm
hips: 96cm
right leg: 55.5cm
right arm: 28cm

So at this point things really seemed to improve for me and started to come together. I have also made some serious improvement in endurance and in how heavy I can lift.

I didn't realize how passionate I am about fitness and how much I love it but everyday I enjoy it more and more.


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