Sunday, September 30, 2012

Background Info on Myself and my Job

I figured in order to keep posting updates on my progress, achievements and so on. It would help, as we go along, for you to have better understanding of a day in my life.

Since I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada and it is really a city that resolves around work, I work shift. Currently 9, 11 hour days with 5 days off and repeat. I do have a great vacation plan so that helps with this process.

A typical day for me starts at 4:30am when the dreaded alarm goes off and I have to get up to get ready for work. Just a note: I am NOT nor have I ever been a morning person yet here I am with such early hours--Go Figure!

Anyhow, I am usually at my desk by 6am depending on traffic and if you live in Fort McMurray you understand what I mean by traffic.

My work day runs from 6am -5pm (I am a Contract Administrator) and as soon as 5pm hits, I am headed for the gym. My bag is prepacked the night before and sitting in my car.

Off I go to the gym, generally excited #1 because I am finished work for the day and #2 because I love the gym. Once there, I am either working out with Andrew, by myself or with my husband and I complete one hour of weights followed by one hour of cardio.

I choose to complete cardio after weights because I found that working out with Andrew after cardio was much harder so I just kept it that way.

Once my time at the gym is complete, home I go for my post workout shake. I don't always eat supper but there is lunch to pack for work the next day and as a women there is all the general things that come with keeping a home in order (Ladies you understand what I mean). I usually crawl into bed somewhere around 10pm.

Luckily at this point in my life, I don't have any kids at home to tend to on top of everything else.

My next hurdle will be trying to incorporate morning cardio before work because I know that's coming.

On our 5 days off, we generally make the 6 hour drive to Innisfail (my husband's home town) to see his parents and kids (he has 4 kids from a previous marriage).

I don't enjoy the drive but I don't mind getting away from Fort McMurray for a few days to the quietness of the country. And I generally don't have issues fitting in my workouts or mantaining my diet while away.

So there you have it; a typical day in my life.

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