Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally Days Off

September 19 & 20th, 2012

September 19th is my last day of shift and I can finally sleep in and allow my body the extra rest it deserves. Been having some great workouts.

Egg whites are starting to make me want to gag, so I am taking a break from them for a bit.

Been searching around a lot today for a themed costume and with Andrews approval and my husbands oh yeah, I have now ordered cat woman. Yikes!

My first consult for my suit is also today at 9am so that brings excitement and I should get my shoes any day now. We established a color, a design and price for the suit.

One word of advice: don’t let anyone every tell you that prep for a competition is easy or cheap. Between the suit, supplements, shoes, theme wear, competition fees, tanning and so on it gets to be very expensive.

One other thing: when a woman decides to do something there is no break in all the other daily activities in life like housework, etc. and I started to have moments where by I was getting annoyed because I felt like I there wasn't a moment to sit and relax but what’s the use and at least I can get gratification in knowing that I can do everything on top of the workouts, etc.

Goals for my 5 days off:
-complete cardio twice daily (one morning session and one evening session). I am striving for a really good week and some more weight lose. I would like to reach 125 before my next appt with Andrew on September 27; it’s doable as its only 3 pounds in 8 days....... let’s do this!!!

We left for Innisfail on September 20th but didn’t get there until 1:30am so it was 2am before we crawled into bed and I was beat. At least Kevin drove.

Overall how do I feel? A mixture of emotions as usual; excited about my suit, theme wear and shoes and happy to have them all ordered. Tired but hoping to get in some relaxation and me time this weekend as well as focused on my goals.

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