Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emotional Roller Coaster

September 24th
Today has been a whirlwind sort of day emotionally. I am all over the map with my moods and this is getting old. Kevin must be going crazy, dealing with me. I find that I have an extremely hard time not being irritable. I was annoyed because I wanted to get on the road to go home, I felt guilty because I know I won’t fit a workout in today (no cardio or weights), and because my life seems to be constantly so busy & rushed with no time to breathe and relax whether I am working or on days off.

On a brighter note, Kevin and I talked, well had a moment, and then we moved on and cheered up and I bought a new car today, a 2013 Equinox.

Tomorrow is another day and I was informed that the big day is now only 54 days away. Yikes! Andrew is back this week as well and I know I have made some progress since he left so I am hoping he notices the changes right away.
This week’s goals are:
-Eat clean as usual
-3-4L of water a day (as many 4L days as possible)
-complete intervals on top of my regular workouts as much as possible
- stay focused and positive
-complete one fast day/ shift (possibly Monday, October 1)

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