Sunday, September 30, 2012

Andrew returns

There are a couple of things going on in my world this week.

Hooray!!! Most of my size 2 pants are too big. Some I can’t even wear however I don't know the weight I will be at after the competition so I’ll hang on to them for now but I would like to stay and aim for size 0.

Been having moments of dizziness coupled with nausea and exhaustion again but I believe it has to do with drops in sugar levels so I have been eating a tbsp of peanut butter here and there to help.
Andrew returns and is back at it with a vengeance…lol.
Total body workout:
100 chin ups (50 wide grip & 50 narrow grip)
100 barbell squats with 135lbs
100 elevated push ups
Needless to say my plan of doing intervals plus cardio as well didn’t pan out.
I only managed to complete my 1 hour of cardio on the treadmill alternating inclines from 8-10-12-15. I was way too pooped!
Overall, I am feeling great! Andrew did notice some great differences in me, more veins, leaner and that’s exactly what I was hoping for and needed to hear. He was surprised that there has been no movement on the scale but at least there is a difference and it looks like I am doing things right.

Had other people come up to me in the gym as well and comment on how lean I look and how much I am improving so that always keeps me motivated

Andrew suggested possibly starting to do a quick morning cardio session on top of the evening one to see if that helps burn more fat. Not looking forward to getting up any earlier but its all apart of the process and I knew this was coming eventually.
Talked to the spray tan lady today and have an idea of what I need to do there. Its $95 for 2 competition tanning sessions, she has a recommended exfoliate ($25) so I am completing a trial (one coat only) to gauge the color tomorrow.
Sent out the poster and reminder for the ladies at work who asked about getting tickets to the competition which makes me nervous because I don’t want to disappoint them all but yet keeps me focused to reach my goals and makes me feel great that they want to come to support me.

My friends, colleagues and family have been really encouraging and supportive through all of this which really helps because it is a very tough process. Thanks everyone for the support, encouragement, confidence and motivation.

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