Sunday, September 30, 2012

10 weeks out

Feeling discouraged with no movement on the scale but feeling amazing in terms of energy and workouts.

Had a couple of episodes of lightheadedness throughout the weekend but it passed fairly quickly, i believe it is due to the sugar levels in my body being on the low side.
We travelled to Innisfail and I was a little concerned about keeping on track with diet and workouts but it all worked out really well.

Set my mind on Monday night to get up early before work (4am) to complete a High Intensity workout and I have been feeling great all day.

Was late starting my period this month and I was feeling rather bloated. I am really hoping that I will see said movement once this is over, diet has been going well this week. I won’t ever say easy but tolerable as I am getting used to it.

Workouts couldn’t be better. I did have a slip on Wednesday but I wasn’t feeling well due to my period so I only did the 45minutes of cardio and listened to my body and rested.
Back at it on Thursday though with shoulders, back and abs, 20 sets of stairs and 20 minutes on the treadmill at max incline. I will get all the required workouts in for the week.

On another high note Andrew took my measurements last night and although the scale hasn’t moved the inches are coming off still. I am also noticing a little more tightness in my abs and some veins in my biceps.

Current measurements:
chest is 86.5 from 93.5 (-7cm)
waist is 75.5 from 87.5 (-12cm)
hips are 93.5 from 104 (-10.5cm)
right leg is 55.5 from 59.5 (-4cm)
right arm is 27.5 from 31 (-3.5cm)
These results give me the motivation I was looking for after being a little down because the scale hasn’t been moving.
Also I should note for more motivation that I am currently wearing a size 2 down from a size 7-8, some of my size 2 pants are too big and I can actually fit into a size 0. Holy cow…that’s incredible!
This week, late in the week (September 14), based on Andrew's suggestion, I started taking L-Carnitine (3 capsules before exercise and 3 capsules after spread out throughout the day; all my other supplements have remained the same (BCAA, FishOil, Vitamin C x2, multi vitamin x2, calcium, whey protein (morning and after workout), caffeine x2, ephedrine x2) however I am trying a new brand of protein (ISO100) which is 106 calories per scoop, 24 protein, 1 carb and 0 fat and sugar—tastes great so far)
As far as diet goes it is remaining consistent: I generally have a shake first thing in the morning, egg white omelet next, chicken and green veggies for lunch, a chicken salad with green veggies later and another shake after my workout, at least 1 gallon of water daily and 2-3 cups of green tea).
Purchased my shoes on ebay yesterday which is exciting and scary, they have little rhinestones in them.
Here is a glimpse of them, a little on the stripper side of things but this is the requirement. I hope they fit when they arrive.
I don’t feel there is much more to my life these days other than work, workouts, diet plans and worrying about abs and leg definition. However I am positive and I do feel that I will get there. I am hanging in there with the thought that "it’s suppose to be hard if it wasn’t everyone would do it" going through my head.

I am crossing my fingers that something will give to make the scale move soon. Support from my husband (God love him because he is dealing with a lot through this process as well), work colleagues, Andrew is an amazing help as well as the other 2 girls I know going through the same thing as me certainly helps.

Trucking Along!

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