Sunday, September 30, 2012

Improvements in Lifting

As I mentioned in my last post, I have made some significant achievements in terms of weight lifted and endurance.

Here are some of my accomplishments:

Barbell Squat: weight achieved = 155lbs, Achieved = 165lbs in June, Achieved = 175lbs July 5th (6 reps), Achieved= 185lbs July 26th (10 reps), Achieved 205lbs July 12th (6 reps), Achieved 225lbs Dec 10th (8 reps), Achieved 235lbs May 27th, 2013 (5 reps)

Overhead Barbell Squat: new exercise for me= got 5 with 60lbs Jan 18, 2013

Dead lift: weight achieved = 195lbs and 225lbs, 255lbs March 11, 2013

Here is the initial video for the 195lb dead lift:
What an amazing feeling that was!

Tricep dip off of a bench: weight achieved = 35lb plate, Achieved 45lb plate in June

Chest dip (body weight): Achieved 10 no pause in June, Achieved 6 with 25lb plate July 13 achieved 10 with 35lb plate

Bench Press: 95lbs; achieved 115lbs on January 30, 2013, achieved 125lbs on March 6, achieved 135lbs March 21
Chin ups: achieved = 6 total, Achieved 7 total on July 6, Achieved 8 total on July 13, Achieved 4 with a 10lb weight attached to me on March 11, 2013.
(this is by far my proudest achievement to date because when I started I couldn't complete any)

Pull-ups: achieved 6 full clean pull-ups Jan 7th, 2013, achieved 7 full clean on jan 21

Seated shoulder press: current max is 30lb dumbbells each hand

Leg Press: 3 plates each side for 12 reps, 5 plates each side for 5 reps- Feb 19,2013, 7 plates per side for 10 reps- May 21, 2013

Plank: 3 min 30 sec (regular) as well as 30sec with 90lbs on back, 4 minutes (regular)

Weighted Vest (60lbs): Up/Down 7 flights of stairs (2 @ a time x 5 sets) - July 17

Weighted Walking Lunges: Achieved 3 sets of 10 each leg= 45lb dumb bells on July 12, achieved 3 sets of 10 each leg with 50lb dumb bells on December 13th, achieved 1 set of 10 each leg with 60lb dumb bells on may 27, 2013

Dumb bell clean & press: achieved 1 set of 5 each arm with 40lbs on January 7th, achieved 2sets of 5 each arm with 50lb dumb bells, January 24, achieved 55lb each arm February 2013, achieved 60lb each arm May 2013

Barbell clean & press: achieved 85lbs for 5 reps January 24, achieved 90lbs for 5 reps February

I will keep updating this post as I continue to meet new goals.