Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reaching my Goals

Good Morning!

Happy Hump Day! It’s even hump day for me this week as I am taking this coming weekend off. Yay!

Killer workout last night; my husband and I met at the gym and completed a back workout that I had gotten from Andrew plus some abs. A little stiff today which as you know I love.

The workout was as follows:
Back:  4 x 12 seated cable row

          4 x 12 lat pull down

          3 x 10 trap rows superset with
          3 x 10 barbell upright rows

         3 x 10 supinated barbell row superset with
         3 x 10 pronated barbell row
         3 x 20 pull ups (assisted) superset with 3 x 20 straight arm pull down
Abs: 20 each of decline bench reverse crunch, decline bench regular crunch and hanging knee curls to chest
And then I did it! I completed one of my goals for the month already. Yep, I beat my mile run time and am now at 6 minutes and 50 seconds for a personal best. I will admit I thought I was going to die and throw up…lol or surely that my legs were going to give out but I pushed and persevered and I DID IT!!! Yay me!

Tonight I think will be shoulder night.
Let me see now, what else is new and exciting?
See my previous blog about my gift from my husband. So amazing!!

I found out today that my photo shoot is scheduled for Saturday at 9am. Super Excited about that! A little weary as I am not quite as lean as I was 3 weeks ago but still excited. This one is with a local photographer who wants to increase his fitness portfolio; Northern Exposure Photography by Rick Lynch.
Only 5 more work days left for me after today. 11 more sleeps until I see my family for Christmas. Really getting into the Christmas spirit now as well, I was listening to Christmas carols on the drive into work today and am hoping to make the outside of our house look festive over the weekend .
Here is my favorite Christmas carol: Silver Bells

Until next time!
Have a great day!

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