Friday, December 7, 2012

Pushing Hard

What should we talk about today?

I’m so tired….zzzzzzzzzz!

I have been pushing myself fairly hard at the gym and Andrew pushed me really hard last night with legs too, I thought I was going to puke.

We started with running 7 flights of stairs, 2 at a time for 5 sets. My times for each set ranged from 29.9sec for the first one to 35sec for the last. Not so bad, I don’t think. We continued from there with 3 sets of 20 high bench step-ups each leg, holding 10lb dumb bells, 20 slow squats (5 sec down, 5 sec up), 30 goblet squats and 20 jump squats. Hmmm….I wonder why I’m tired today….lol.

On Wednesday, I did shoulders & abs, here is that workout:
*Tip: Be sure to use enough weight to fatigue those muscles*
Part 1- repeat 3 times
10 dumb bells clean and press each arm
Feet elevated pushups to failure
Bicycle crunch (count to 40)

Part 2- repeat 3 times
10 dumb bells front raise
10 dumb bells lateral raise
20 bench v-sits

Part 3- repeat 3 times
10 standing dumb bell overhead press
20 Swiss ball leg raise
1 minute plank

Tonight there won’t be a workout because we are heading to my company Christmas party. I will have to be overly conscious of what I am putting into my body though because I have my photo shoot with Rick from Northern Exposure Photography on Saturday morning at 9am.

I got my spray tan for it last night, picked out some poses and got my wardrobe put together. I’m excited! Photo shoots makes me feel so great and I have so much fun with them.

Today, I am in dehydration mode, trying to flush out all the water between the skin and muscle. I started to reduce or at least be conscious of my carb intake since Tuesday but I have included some dry carbs today.

It seems my body is back on track now that I have had my period, stepped on the scale and I have only gained 3lbs in the 3 weeks since the show which I am happy about. As I said before some post competition weight gain is normal because no one can sustain the competition diet long term; it isn’t healthy.

Here is a blog that I thought was helpful about photo shoot prep tips as well. Take a look:

I guess the only other news I have is that I will be taking the weekend off work and am hoping to catch up with things around the house, cooking, laundry, decorating for the season and sleep. I have 9 more sleeps before we go home and 7 more sleeps before we leave to visit Kevin’s parents. So I need to start packing as well.

Oh and by the way, I made that chocolate protein peanut butter dish again two nights ago and it was so great. I love it as a treat every once in a while. Find the recipe here:

Until next time

I’ll leave you with this quote: “Proud but never Satisfied”

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