Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Squashing my December Goals

Super excited today after last night’s work out session.

I went to the gym with the intention of trying to beat my personal best barbell squat and I did it!!

Last night, I completed 8 reps of a 225lb barbell squat; that’s almost double my body weight. Yay me!

Now I need to practice coming down into the squat position a little further.

Here is the video of both myself and my hubby. He also made the 225lb squat his personal best for 10 reps.

It was a great night at the gym.

*Me comlpeting a 225lb barbell squats*

*Kevin completing 225lb barbell squats*

Our complete workout last night was as follows:
Barbell Squats x 4 sets
10 - 135lbs
10 - 185lbs
10 – 205lbs
8 – 225lbs (me) 10 – 225lbs (Kevin)

Leg Extension superset with lying hamstring curl x 3 sets
10 – 105lbs/ 10- 70lbs
10 – 120lbs/ 10- 70lbs
10 - 135lbs/ 10- 60lbs

Calf Raises
10- 45lbs
10- 55lbs
10- 65lbs

10 minute intervals on the stepper

I love beating personal bests.
That's another one of my December Goals conquered.


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