Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Setting New Goals

Today I am inspired to set new fitness goals for myself.

So I have decided that each month I am going to set out to accomplish something(s) and see if I can get there, push through and kick those things in the face.

So my December Fitness Goals will be as follows:

#1: Enjoy the holiday season, don’t over indulge too often but when I do; don’t feel guilty and paranoid. Instead enjoy it and take comfort that it’s only once in a while and that it’s a well-deserved treat

#2: Try Hot Yoga

#3: Beat my current mile run time of 7 minutes, 2 seconds

#4: Lift heavier and beat some of my personal bests; currently aiming to beat my barbell squat weight which is now at 205lbs

Well there they are for the month of December. I am headed to the gym tonight to start working on them. Tonight will be back and biceps as well as working on beating that run time.

It will be my first day back at the gym in 2 days because I haven’t been feeling well. I finally started my period and yes, as expected, it was a bad one but at least my body should be back on track now.

Today is also my first day back to work for the shift but it’s an exciting one because it is the last shift before Christmas break. 8 more days until but I am also taking the weekend off again so there are really only 6 more working days left for me. 12 more sleeps until my hubby and I fly home to see my family for Christmas. I can’t wait to see my niece opening her gifts on Christmas morning. Yay!!!

My work Christmas party is on Friday and I also have another fitness photo shoot on either Saturday or Sunday as well.

Which reminds me; I got some more pictures back from my shoot with Andrew. Take a look below:

Keep setting new goals for yourself to keep you motivated.
It’s a fun challenge!

Until next time.

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