Saturday, December 1, 2012

Latest Life Updates

It's been a few days since I have updated the events of my life.

So what's new in my world?

Training: Working out is going really well. I am pushing hard, lifting heavier, beating personal bests and feeling great. Had a rest day on Wednesday. Thursday, however I was back at it with Andrew for legs and ow, my legs are still sore 2 days later. Friday, I had another rest day but I walked around the entire West Edmonton mall all day. Today, I worked shoulders and abs and tomorrows plan is a total body workout.

Diet: Keeping it clean and planning ahead. Wednesday, we had another Christmas gathering and being that it was just finger foods, I knew it wouldn't be healthy, so I ate before I left to avoid being hungry and indulging in things that would make me feel gross later. Plus I made sure to drink only water. We also left to go out of town on Thursday and again I prepped snacks for the drive to avoid the gas station junk food along the way. Being that we are away from home, I am working out at a gym here, which is nice, quiet and an overall great facility.

Energy levels and overall health: Energy levels have been high and I am doing well with improvements in lifting, etc. I admit to feeling bloated and gross a lot since the show and I have gained approximately 3-4lbs since, however Andrew tells me not to be paranoid and that a few pounds is normal. I should be proud that I haven't gorged so much and gained double that or more. Apparently a lot of people do post show and a lot of people also avoid going to the gym because they lose that desire after having worked so hard for months. I also haven't had a period since October and therefore I am bloated and that could also be leading to me weighing heavier. Missing periods during competition prep with the heavy training and diet in not uncommon however but I hope I start soon to get my body back on track.

Shopping: I am having a difficult time finding clothes that fit; pants and jeans especially. Why is it that when I was a 6, there always seemed to be sizes 0-2 readily available and yet now that I am that size, there are loads of size 6 available. Grrrrrr! I walked all over the West Edmonton Mall on Friday, only to get 2 pairs of dress pants and 1 pair of jeans. (Sigh!)

Upcoming goals for the week:
* train hard/ heavy
* beat my mile run time
* eat clean
* pack for home for Christmas
* try some new recipes
* prep for photo shoot on December 8 or 9
* stay clean at my Christmas party on December 7

Tuesday, will be the start of my last shift before Christmas break and then I am off until January 7th. I am also taking Saturday and Sunday off next weekend. I am happy to be going home for Christmas this year with my hubby to see my family. Hoping to be able to stay mostly clean when I go home and to hit the gym a few times while I am there.

Until next time, keep training and eat clean!

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