Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Hi Fitness Peeps,

I usually only do Transformation Tuesday on my facebook page and not on the blog but I figured I would do something different this week and give it a try. #transformationtuesday

Here is my latest transformation picture.

The pictures on the left are all taken before starting my fitness journey in October of 2011. I was 156lbs when I started this fabulous journey and a size 6-8. Some would say, and I actually got this comment today, "I wish I had started out at a size 6-8" and although that may be true for some, everyone's story and transformation is unique and that's why we share. I may not have had a lot of weight to lose but I wanted a change, I wanted to feel healthy, strong, confident and so here I am.

The pictures on the right are all post 2011. The first is while competing in the Keane Classic fitness competition and both others are present day. I am currently a size 2-4 but I don't weigh myself; who needs the scale anyway :)

The journey never ends and putting this together today is a testament to how far I have come.
I enjoy variety in my training, seeing what this body can do and lifting heavy is the best. I love it!! It has completely changed my body as you can see and didn't make me big and bulky ladies.

I struggle, as my earlier post suggests, but I don't give up because this is a lifestyle for me. Clean eating and training hard are all just something I do now; it is apart of who I am. #fitgirlsrock

Until next time,

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