Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nourished vs Stressed Metabolism: Update

Hey Fit Girls and Guys,

I posted this on my facebook page and I got a lot of questions, comments and so on so I thought that I would write a blog update about  metabolism as well.

Most of you already know, if you have been reading my blogs, that about a year ago I crashed hard; very hard and had all the symptoms, plus others, listed here of a stressed metabolism. It has been a long, slow journey and one that still continues today but I am slowly getting back to a nourished metabolism.

I look at it (most days anyway) as a very TOUGH test that can make me better, stronger and a VICTOR. I will not let it make me bitter, weaker and a VICTIM (although some of my thoughts tend to go that way from time to time).

There are days when I look at myself and I hate where I am; simply because I am not seeing any improvements on the outside and I'm conflicted on the inside as well. There are days when I feel great...I'm positive and confident but there are also days when I struggle so much that I do want to give up but thankfully that's not me; I wasn't built that way.

My biggest advice is to always listen to your body; don't dictate to it. As much as I have struggled with this over the past year and believe me I still do; your body needs patience, nurturing and positive thinking. Learn to love yourself regardless of where you are physically and concentrate on being grateful for where you are. This has been a slow process for me as well but I am happy with how fit, strong and yes BAD ASS that I am :)
Push yourself? Yes, but don't overtrain. Eat good, clean food every few hours throughout the day? Yes, but ensure you are eating enough and taking in enough of each macro (protein, fat and carbs). Take rest day(s) and get enough sleep? Yes, very important.

I love training and I love the healthy, fit, strong girl I have become in the last couple of years so when I started feeling this way it was a huge blow after being on such a high through my competition prep and even post competition.
There are probably those of you reading this who look at me and wonder what I am complaining about. In actuality, I'm not complaining I'm happy for the ride no matter where it takes me and I have come a long way already on this journey. What I am is human and I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. Today just happens to be one of those tougher days. There is power in positivity though so I'm smiling and I'm still as motivated as ever!
It is actually tough to write all this, it hits deep and because for a long time it was so frustratingly hard that I wanted to give up; BUT I persevered. This, like everything else, will be just another chapter in my fitness journey. Maybe by talking about it; it will motivate someone else to never give up because no matter how big or small the setback is, you CAN overcome it! 

Until next time,

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