Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Plyometric and Run Combo Workout

Good Morning Fitness Friends,

I thought I'd share my training routine from last night. I wanted something a little different and something that would get my heart rate up so I combined some running with some plyometric work.

5 minute warm-up (treadmill)
0.3 mile run
20 high bench step-ups
0.3 mile run
25 box jumps
0.3 mile run...
20 jump overs
0.3 mile run
20 high box jumps
0.3 mile run
20 jump up, jump on, jump off, jump up
0.3 mile run
20 jump on box into squat
0.3 mile run
20 lateral jumps
5 minute cool down (treadmill)

I achieved my goal for sure and I was certainly S W E A T Y after. Try it out and post comments to let me know how you did.

Until next time,

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