Sunday, February 16, 2014

FitGirlsRock Sunday Weekly Recap

Hi everyone,

Overall this week was good. Some exciting things happened for me and I had a positive attitude all week long which helps immensely in my battle with my metabolism.

So here is the run down:
*been feeling more tired than usual this last couple of days and not sure why but I'm upping my veggie intake pronto likely with some juicing
*training has been really good this week. Didn't do much cardio wise but I have been incorporating moves into my training that get my heart rate up such as stairs, box jumps, sled pulls and pushes, etc
*I think I had every muscle in my body sore this Score!
*I haven't been dwelling on too many negative thoughts and I find that it has helped. Every time some negativity comes into my mind, I do my best to focus on something that makes me happy and positive
*got asked and had my first ever podcast interview with Kasper of Http:// and I'm super excited about that. It should be live in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.
*Gym Girl apparel approached me with a 15% discount for all my followers as per my last post
*work was stressful this week but what's else is
*still freezing my butt off here with this winter weather but only 13 sleeps until Vegas baby
*I started and finished a book called The Fast Metabolism Diet-- DIET in this case meaning "Did I Eat Today?" And it was quite interesting. I'm contemplating doing the 28 day recharge program. The main focus being eating more which is what I need to do to rev my metabolism again
*studying for my PT exam is still in progress and going well
*My husband was away for Valentine's day but we spent some time the weekend before celebrating
*Did some food prep today and I'll finish it up tomorrow. Tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada...yay!

I think that's all my news for the week. How about you? What did you do for Valentine's Day? Did you food prep today?

Until next time,

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