Monday, February 4, 2013

Reflections of the Week and Grateful Mondays

Well another week has past us by.

Did you satisfy and fulfill all your goals for the week? What were your victories?

I achieved a lot in terms of increasing my fitness endurance and even some personal bests. If you have been following my weekly workouts, you know they were extremely intense and it is really only today that I am not feeling sore. I ate very clean all week and other than the bite of my husband’s birthday cake on Friday night, I would say I stuck to my intended program and am pleased with the way things have progressed. 

Reflecting on my blessing this past week makes me smile.

I am grateful for my wonderful husband and celebrating his birthday on February 1st; grateful for that little bite of cheese cake as well.

I tried some great new recipes again and they were delicious. (Dark chocolate coconut bites, turkey chili, tex mex chicken and those protein blueberry cookies).

I had plenty of great, intense workouts, with my trainer and husband, which are helping me to increase my endurance, feel and look leaner and improve on my 2013 goals.

I am getting a great following on my facebook page: and I just made it past 500 likes. I made a commitment that if I reached 500 likes; I would complete the 500 workout this evening.

What is the 500 workout?
It is a combination of 50 deadlifts, 50 push-ups, 50 goblet or barbell squats, 50 chin-ups, 100 high bench step-ups each leg and 100 leg raises. Woot, woot….come on 500!!!!

Other things on my mind that I am grateful for are our cruise which is coming up really soon as well as the upcoming end to this long 9 day shift.

What about you? What are you grateful for this week?

This week my goals are similar to those of last week. Eat clean, train hard and makes small changes in lifting where ever possible. Push past my comfort zone and give it all I've got!


  1. Hey Melissa- I'm a new follower of your blog and FB page! I'll be cheering you on with your journey! I've also competed in the past and am now looking to challenge myself at the next level.I've been lifting heavier - your workouts have been great motivators for me! Love your recipes too! happy Monday- Wendy

  2. Hey Wendy! Welcome to my blog and face book page...thanks for following me and also thanks for cheering me on. I love this!!!
    The decision to take things to the next level was the best decision for me and lifting heavy is so makes me feel like such a strong, powerful women! Girl Power :)
    Motivating others is my goal so anything I can do to help; let me know.
    Happy Monday to you too. :)