Monday, February 18, 2013

Grateful for life

Everyday I am grateful for something, however in this fast paced life we lead; we don't often take the time to reflect on those things. It's sad that sometimes the routine and stress of daily life takes a hold of us so much that we forget how lucky we are just to live, to breathe and to be healthy.

So in this weeks grateful post, I want to start by saying how truly grateful I am to be alive, to breathe, to experience, to LOVE and just to LIVE!

And what would those things listed above be if I wasn't healthy enough to live them. Health is so important. I am grateful that I changed my lifestyle, got truly healthy and took control of what I do with and put into my body. The pain of things that I suffered through before, such as, IBS, migraines, painful PMS, etc have been either diminished or are at least much less painful than they used to be.

Grateful for me comes in the form of many things (some even material items) however the most important things in my life; that which make me happiest are of course my wonderful family, my husband, my friends and myself.

I truly believe that in order to be truly happy and to be able to make anyone else happy; you have to first be happy, comfortable and positive about yourself. Your own happiness comes first. Some people think this to be selfish but think about it; how can you make others happy if you are not happy yourself??

Today is the family day holiday in Canada. Happy family day to all you fellow Canadians! On a lighter note, I am grateful for the day off. It is not a scheduled day off for me within my shift but I took it off anyway. It's given me time to clean, to cook and to start organizing and packing for our upcoming cruise. Yes...leaving in 4 more sleeps!! So grateful for the opportunities we have to travel.

Other things I am truly grateful for this week are warmer weather, sunshine, valentine's day with the love of my life, time with friends, training hard and laughter.

Remember no matter how bad life may seem; it could always be worse. Be thankful for the little things and don't take your life for granted.

Until next time,

Healthy= Happy!

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