Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recap of Another Week

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Sunday!

I thought I’d do a recap of my week and a run down on how I have been feeling. It has been a tough one actually.

I am not sure what is causing it but I have been feeling really drained and tired. Workouts weren’t overly great; I mean when I made it to the gym they were awesome but I didn’t do anywhere near enough this week.

Monday: Plyometric Circuit (before driving back home)

Tuesday: sled pulls x 10 sets (personal best of 5 with 5x45lb plates) superset with 10 burpees after each set.

Wednesday: Zumba
I wasn’t a fan of this class however I have not completely written it off, I am going to give it another shot. This class was not upbeat enough for me, I didn’t sweat and it wasn’t what I had anticipated.

Thursday: Valentine’s Day—Active rest day (outdoor skating)

Friday: Rest day; over to a friend’s place for dinner

Saturday: Back, abs and cardio
-15 sets of 5 flights of stairs (2 at a time) carrying 25lb plates each hand
-3 sets of 10 straight arm pull downs (45lbs) and a drop set of 12 reps with 30lbs
-3 sets of high lateral rows x 10
-3 sets of low lateral rows x 10 superset with walking lunges with 25lb plate overhead
-50 crunches with ab crunch machine
-50 high bench jumps
-3 sets of 20 decline leg raises superset with decline crunches

Ok so I guess it wasn’t too bad of a week but it didn’t feel like I did much. Not to mention that I did have chocolate on Valentine’s Day and 2 glasses of wine at dinner on Friday. I guess overall it just wasn’t as hardcore training wise as most weeks; I wonder if that’s why I feel less energetic and more tired than usual.

The personal issues causing that added stress are still hanging around as well so again it could have something to do with that. On a lighter note; we are leaving in 5 more sleeps for our cruise and we are super excited! I think we both just feel like we need the break, need to relax and just get away.

I am hoping for a brighter, better week this week and plan on training really hard for the next few days before we go. 3 more days left of shift; packing to do, cleaning, laundry and some more cooking for the remainder of the shift and we’ll be all ready.

We’ve been looking at the ship and from the pictures it looks like they have an awesome fitness center on board as well as a running track and a rock climbing wall. We are planning to complete our workouts on board in the morning before breakfast so we can use the rest of the day to relax, hang out and explore.

Anyway tonight’s plans are to finish up laundry, do some cooking and cleaning as well as a workout. I am thinking about trying for 100 chin-ups superset with 100 burpees. I’ll do them in reps of 10 of each for 10 sets. I can do that at home because we have our own chin-up bar. Monday to Thursday, will be all gym workouts plus a couple of good runs would be awesome as well and Friday we fly out.

How was your weekend and your week overall? How is your training going?

Until next time,

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