Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life Updates

Good Morning! Happy Valentine’s Day week <3

I haven’t written since Saturday and I apologize. So sorry, but as I said in my last blog post there is a lot going on in my personal life. The stress is giving me more headaches than usual and it is also giving me gray hair…lol; seriously I am going gray…ahhhhh!

Back to work today and the weather is much warmer which is nice. We had some good workouts over the weekend, got some things done around the house and then drove the 6 hour drive on Sunday for an appointment on Monday and returned again last night. Too much driving! But I did get some shopping done and thankfully we are off on our cruise in 9 MORE SLEEPS.  We really need the break.

Workouts over the weekend went well and as usual the eating is really clean. To be honest this is a no brainer for me now. I just do it and it doesn’t seem to be abnormal or difficult. Don't get me wrong, I have cravings but this is a lifestyle so I don’t think of it as dieting. Funny, just this morning, I got asked if I find the eating part hard and honestly; although I do have my moments, generally I don’t find it hard because I feel so good eating this way.

*Friday: Jerks and Swingers
Conquered the 95lb barbell clean and press (personal best)
*Saturday: Tabata Workout
*Sunday: Rest
*Monday: Plyometric Workout

On Mondays, I usually do my grateful post but I honestly just didn’t have the opportunity to write it yesterday so I’ll take a moment to reflect on those things now, the things that have made my life more fulfilling this week.

*My workouts, especially this week, for stress relief and they were all completed with my husband. It is so great to work out together and share the experience.

*My niece and family and talking to them on the phone; I miss them every day but it’s so nice to hear their voices and my niece, who is 2, is cute as a button.

*My husband for our communication and support for one another.

It’s a new day, a new week and the plan is to push hard with my workouts and eat well. If the weather stays nice we are planning an outside skate for Valentine’s Day with a nice supper and just enjoying each other’s company, Friday night we have plans for dinner at a friend’s house plus there is packing and all the pre-trip preparation as well.

Hope you all have a fabulous day.

How was your weekend? Did you work out?

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