Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finding Balance

Happy Saturday everybody! I hope your weekend is going great!

Today I feel like I have been run over by a; every muscle from calves to shoulders hurts in a really good way but in a way where there is no way I could complete a workout. 

I have decided to take the weekend off and get back at it on Monday. I'll obviously be sticking to clean eating for the next few days but my body is going to get some well deserved rest.

It was my husbands birthday yesterday and last night I cooked a nice steak dinner (steak, asparagus and mushrooms) and he allowed himself a little piece of store bought cheese cake, of which I had a bite, of course. We went to a movie as well which was a nice night out.

So It seems that as of late, I am once again struggling to find my balance. Balancing work, home, life and gym time was the hardest part of my competition prep and I tend to have difficulty with everything if I am not organized and prepared.

So how did this start for me this time round?

Well as you all know I work 11 hour days for 9 days straight. A typical day has my alarm going off at 4:30am; I am at work by 6ish (dependent on traffic) and leaving work by 5pm. From there, I am heading straight to the gym for my hour (hour and a half sometimes) workout (usually arriving at 6pm) and then home for a quick bite to eat before doing it all over again.

These days from the moment I place my feet on the floor at 4:30am, I am non-stop and I feel like I haven't a chance to catch my breath, leaving me feeling exhausted.

I think I have started to feel like this again because with going out of town last weekend and not getting home until late, I had no time to complete meal prep before going back to work. therefore, before you know it, your week is in full swing and you are prepping things every night. No good, no good at all because it left nights where I wasn't getting to bed before 11pm. 

11pm when you get up at 4:30am is not enough sleep especially with the intense workouts I have been doing. Cooking isn't the only struggle this week; there is also laundry to do and cleaning house and uggggg so much.

Needless to say I know what has worked for me and I have to continue to do it the way I have always done. Sunday's are always meal prep days as well as training rest day, and on my working weekend, I sometimes leave work early to get home and get the meals started. I will get myself back on track tomorrow. 

We are going out of town again next weekend but as long as we get home early enough, I shouldn't be stuck in this rut again next shift. Fingers crossed. 

So how to do you find your balance and do you prepare all your food for the week ahead of time?

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