Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Fast Metabolism D.I.E.T- Week 3

Hi Everyone.

I am 3 days in to week 4 of the Fast Metabolism D.I.E.T. This is the last week to clue up the 28 days and I am feeling good.

Let’s do a quick recap of week 3.

I’ve still been feeling really good overall. No complaints. I have energy; my nails seem stronger and look better than they have in a while, all my meals are on par and following the program per phase throughout the week. Of course I enjoy the high carb and/or the high fat/carb days over the high protein day but that’s to be expected. My training is going well and also follows the program. 2 cardio days, 2 weight training days and 3 days of yoga/stretching and/or a massage.

I was bumming out due to the fact that I haven’t noticed any difference whatsoever with my appearance on the outside and I have only noticed the improvements mentioned above so far, but then
I started thinking….hmmmm… J

Well I was eating very little carbs before and also not as much food as I am eating now yet I haven’t gained any weight on this program and I have managed to maintain my current size. That tells me that if nothing else at least there is some improvement in my metabolism.

The coffee cravings are still an issue, even after almost 4 weeks now. It shocks me actually, but I’ll be honest in saying, that I can’t wait for Monday to enjoy my coffee again, even if only one cup.

Not much else happened this week. I mean all weeks are the same phase wise which is another reason it is an easy to follow program. Tonight I get to lift some heavy things so I’m happy although carb deprived today.

My husband started following the plan as well although he is a week behind me. He is now in Week 3. So far he has lost 8 lbs and notices a difference in his energy levels as well.

I’ll give another review after week 4 is complete. Stay strong and train hard!!

Until next time,

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