Thursday, December 19, 2013

Running Interview with Crystal, my sister

Hi Fit Guys and Gals,

Today I wanted to talk about someone beside's myself for a

I wanted to feature my sister because even though she may not know it; she is an inspiration. She took up running even though she has said for years that she couldn't do it. She got involved in boot camps and started going to her local gym.

Here is my brief interview with her:

Name: Crystal Fahey-Reid
From: Newfoundland, Canada
Age: 31
Have you always been a runner or did you discover running later in life?

I wasn't always a runner, actually, I wasn't very active at all until a little over a year ago. I began to get involved in local bootcamp classes, going to the gym and then started running.
What made you start running?
The reason I started running was because I wanted to be able to prove to myself that I could do it. I always thought I wouldn't be able to run but I was wrong. I love running now!!
What would you tell ‘The You’ of a year ago?
The me of a year ago was an inactive person who didn't make time for much physical activity in my life or had no interest in being physically active. I would remind myself that great feelings come with being active and that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
Has running changed you on the inside in anyway?
Running has changed me by realizing that I can do anything I put my mind too. If I want to do it then I can make it happen. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something!
Are you working toward a particular running goal right now?
My goal for running is to be able to run 10k. I am also hoping to run in the Tely 10 this summer which is a 16 km run.
What advice do you have for other women just getting started into Running?
My advice for anyone stating out is to start slowly and gradually increase the distance and time of their run. Also, believe in yourself and that you can do anything you put your mind too.

'Mud Immortal 2013'
Thanks Crystal for agreeing to do this. I'm proud of your fitness achievements to date. Keep going!!

Until next time,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Food Prep

Happy Monday!!

Let’s talk food prep. It’s an important part of staying on track, don’t you think? What’s that saying; oh yes “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.
Personally, myself I take one day every week to prepare all my food for the upcoming work days. That day is usually Sunday simply because I don’t work on that day, however this weekend it turned out to be Saturday.

I prepped, cooked, washed and bagged all my food for this; my last week of work before the Christmas break.

 So what did I do?

This week I made my oven roasted green veggies as per usual; which I love. Simply sprinkle veggies with coconut oil, sea salt and bake until tender. I did this with my brussel sprouts, asparagus and broccoli. Yum!


I also grilled salmon and halibut steaks. I just seasoned them with a little lemon pepper.

Next I made my other typical item; scrambled eggs. Nothing to this one, simply mix together a few eggs, add additional egg whites, some veggies and/or meat and cook. Simple but delicious!

I made my protein muffins again because my hubby just loves them. Get the recipe here

Last but certainly not least I played with the juicing again, I made a big salad, washed and bagged fruit and raw veggies and I think that was it.


It may seem like a daunting task just thinking about spending several hours in the kitchen but believe me you and your body will be thankful you did. It makes staying on track so much easier and with the food right in front of you; you are bound to only eat clean plus packing lunch is a breeze.


Until next time,


Question: Do you do food prep early week?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

FitGirlsRock: Runner spotlight of the week

Hi Everyone,

How is your weekend going? Mine has been good; I got a lot of things accomplished and I'm just enjoying the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. I love this time of year.

Today I am the runner spotlight of the week over at Road Runner Girl. Thanks Mindy :)

Check it out at Here :)

Question for you. Do you enjoy the Christmas season? What is your favourite part?

Until next time,

Friday, December 13, 2013

Metabolic Damage = Frustration

I recently had an appointment with my doctor because I wanted to see if he knew anything and was able to give me any direction as to metabolic damage and how to repair it. Short answer: he does not.

So here I am sitting in his office explaining my symptoms, which have obviously improved from where I was 6-8 months ago but are still not back to normal, and he basically tells me that he doesn’t know anything about metabolic damage and that I don’t really need him because I am healthier now than I have ever been. I am not overweight; I have lots of muscle, all my blood work came back normal so I should relax and be happy.

What am I supposed to do with that? I mean I certainly agree to an extent. I am healthier and fitter than I have ever been and no I am not overweight but I don’t always feel comfortable in my own skin, I am not able to shed any excess fat and I don’t know how to fix it. Isn’t that some cause for concern?
Needless to say visiting the doctor has gotten me no closer to getting to the bottom of this but on a brighter note I think I have finally hit a plateau in my weight gain because I haven’t notice any changes in the last little while. I am still a size 2.

My doctor wanted to weigh me yesterday and I must confess that I haven’t stepped foot on the scale since about a week or two post-competition last November. So I was very hesitant and in my head I was screaming “Noooooo!” and telling myself not to cry because no matter what it is just a number like I tell everybody else. So the moment of truth, I currently weigh 154lbs—ouch! I felt like I got slapped in the face but then I had a realization and I relaxed a little. I started this journey in 2011 at 156lbs and a size 6-8 however I am now 154lbs and a size 2. It just goes to show you that the scale CAN NOT tell the whole story. Obviously I carry a lot of extra muscle now compared to then.

Long story short, I have improved immensely from where I was and although I am still struggling; I am very hopeful.

One thing is for sure; I have learned to listen to my body more intently and I am still as determined as ever to beat this thing.
Have you ever experienced metabolic damage or anything similar? How did you deal with it?

Until next time,