Thursday, September 26, 2013

Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador

I'm excited to announce that I became a Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador yesterday. Yay me!

So what is a TDFA?

A TDFA is someone who promotes the TDF vision of fitness, well-being, clean living in a judgement free environment. I will provide support, refrain from judgement and most of all show everyone through my actions that I live and embody what TDF stand for.

I will also be taking part in #pinkWednesdays which is simply that on Wednesday we wear pink! Yesterday was my first pink Wednesday and I wore my new pink 'Tough Tatas' socks for my workout from

FitGirlsRock--#PinkWednesday and Tough Tatas workout:

5 sets:
20 box jumps
5 chinups
20 pushups
5 dumb bell clean & press (50lbs) each arm
1 minute plank

check out Train Dirty Fitness:

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The 'Terry Fox Run' and Other News

September 15th marked ‘Terry Fox Run’ day. I participated in the event and ran 10km; the first time I actually ran that distance continuously in a long time.

For more info on Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope visit:

Fort McMurray actually combined the races into the 1st annual Center City Half Marathon, the 10km, 5km, 3km and I believe 1km kid’s race as well. The event was very well organized.

It was a beautiful morning; a little chilly to start but very nice for running. I started off well and had a good pace for most of the race, however at about the half way mark or maybe even the ¾ mark I got a stitch that slowed me down and my breathing got a little off track from there. I was however able to complete in approximately 50 minutes; not my best but not bad.

I have been struggling with my training and getting myself on track since the Spartan Super race because I have had a cold that I am only now just getting over. I finally seem to be back in the groove and am really looking forward to getting to the gym and lifting some heavy things J

In regards to my metabolism issues, I am still following my high day, low day plan but not seeing much by way of body results however I am not getting discouraged as I do feel really good overall. My supplementation hasn’t changed and I am still following a 5 day training regimen (weights) with morning fasted cardio every second day of the week.

I generally train:
Monday- legs
Tuesday- morning run & chest/triceps
Wednesday- total body endurance and yoga class
Thursday- morning run & Back/ Biceps/ Shoulders
Friday- legs
Saturday- morning run or other active cardio
Sunday- rest

This varies from time to time as sometimes the days change and I may train on Saturdays and take a day off mid-week depending on how I feel or what is going on in my life but generally the structure stays the same.

I have another couple of runs coming up. I plan to participate in the 5.5km zombie run on October 5 and also the Run for the Cure on October 6. Other than that I am just concentrating on how my body feels, on lifting lighter weight for more reps with maybe something really heavy thrown in there every once in a while.

*Remember the hard is what makes it great*

If you are interested in donating to my run for breast cancer on October 6; please click on the link below:
Thanks in advance for the support J

Until next time,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Spartan Super Race- A Recap

"I am Spartan; Aroo, Aroo, Aroo!!" This was the chant heard and repeated by some 2500 participants at the Spartan Super race in Red Deer, Alberta on Saturday.

What an exhilarating and thrilling experience to have participated in an event like this and with 15km of rugged, narrow, sometimes steep terrain as well as some 23 obstacles in the path it was no easy feat.

I paced myself well throughout the course and I can honestly say that I had no real issues with the run or with completing any of the obstacles except the rope climb at the end. I was disappointed that I didn't get this one as it was one of my biggest goals but I just couldn't get a grip on the rope and the hole was filled with mud and water that I could hardly jump out of. C'est la vie! Burpees it is but i'll get it next year.

There was also a place in the course where we had to swim and my initial reaction was panic because I can't swim. Ahhhh! But with the help of my friend Joanne (participating with me) and a little talking to myself, plus the lifejacket provided, I made it across with no issues. Any water and swimming were by far my biggest fears but I did it!!

Amongst the many obstacles, there were tire flips, weighted carries and sandbag carries up hill. There were what were classified as women vs men tires, carries and sandbags. Personally, I used the men equipment. #1 because I wanted to prove to myself that I could and #2 because I could hear Andrew, my trainer, in my head saying come on Melissa you can do the heavy stuff. You got this!! I didn't wanted to feel like I had cheated myself at the end and wonder if I could of used the heavier equipment instead. While I was waiting to use a tire, a guy comes up behind me and asks if I knew there were women's ones and I said "I know but I'm good with the big one". I got a "wow, good job and a thumbs up as I moved on". Girl Power!

The event was very well organized, the people and volunteers were great and very encouraging. The weather turned out to be just the right temperature for running and the rain held off.

This is my first race of this kind and I've fallen in love. My new goal is to become a Spartan Trifecta tribe member- someone who completes all three races; The Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast in the same year. I was nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect but it was such an awarding feeling to have completed it, to have taken part in such a great team sport where everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. Fellow Spartans helping other Spartans; it feels like a family where no one gets left behind and everyone feels like a winner.

As the adrenaline wears off, the mud gets washed away and you go back to real life; the feeling of pure accomplishment and pride stays with you.

A shout out to my friend Joanne for participating with me and for doing a fabulous job. Way to go Jo!!!

Check out for more information on events near you.

"Spartan Race. You'll know at the finish line"!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What makes you feel 'Bad Ass'?

During my last appointment with my trainer, I told him that he makes me feel "Bad Ass"!!!!

As a woman lifting heavy makes me feel strong, powerful and empowered; this is why I love it! The fact that it keeps me feeling and looking great is just an added bonus, it gives me confidence and yes it definitely does make me feel bad ass. I just love being able to do things that a lot of guys at the gym couldn’t even do.

So I am dedicating this post to all the ‘bad ass’ women out there.

For me, personally, lifting heavy is my biggest mode of feeling hard core but for others it could be running, beating a personal best, kickboxing or just accomplishing something that you have never done before.

So what is it that makes you feel empowered, confident and/or bad ass?

Let me know, post in the comments. I am excited to hear your replies!

Until next time,