Monday, October 28, 2013

The Fort McMurray Fall Hustle Race- A Recap

I took part in the Fort McMurray fall hustle race this past Saturday and what a great experience. As you know, I love to run and do so almost daily, so 6km (5.8 to be exact); didn't seem like a big deal to me. However, holy hills! One after the other almost continuously throughout the entire race. It was brutal and I will even admit having to walk 1/2 of the way up a couple of them. It felt great though and it was an awesome added challenge :)

The event is the first one put off by a new running group within the community and I was very pleased with the organization, communication and the entire event actually. The community got involved with prize donations, there was a DJ and although it was only +2 degrees Celsius, everyone seemed happy to run.

There were a couple of different options in the race. Hardcore (5.8km) or Insanity (11.6km) and there was also a kids race. I love it when kids have the opportunity to race too and it's just so darn cute!

I'm a competitive person by nature so one of my tricks when racing is to start out at a pace I can maintain throughout the race and then to pick people as I go along to speed up and pass. For instance, if there is someone not that far ahead of me; I will speed up until I pass them, go back to my normal pace until I see someone else and do the same thing and so on. It's just something I do and have always done.

The 5.8km hardcore option took me 35 minutes to complete. A 5km run generally takes me between 18 & 20 minutes so with all the hills added in here that's not too bad. The air was crisp but it didn't take long to warm up and before I knew it; I was thinking what a perfect temperature it was to run in. Being that it was in the trails, the birds were chirping and it was so peaceful that at one point I swear the birds were cheering us

I'm happy to have taken part in this event, even more pleased that we have a group within the community organizing races again and I certainly look forward to the next.

**I know my hat is too big; but it was cold**

What did you do this weekend? Anyone else take part in a race?

Until next time,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Booty Camp Fitness

As I have talked about before and as most of us can probably relate to; weight lifting has long been an intimidating concept for the ladies. But did you know that developing strong lean muscle mass helps the body to burn more calories at rest?? Rather than "bulking up" like so many people fear, this helps you to look leaner, fitter and feel stronger than ever before!
I've recently come across a program created by a woman that knows how tough it can be to begin a weight training program when you have no idea where to start. Sammie Kennedy, CEO and Creator of Booty Camp Fitness and a woman with a mission to make the intimidating more accessible, has launched a new online weight training program to empower women across the world to take this important step towards a healthier active body!

With her new online program she teaches you the ins and outs of resistance training in efficient and effective workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home, condo, fitness area or gym! Sammie gives you all the tools you need to make the right choices for your fitness, including a wide variety of accommodating workouts, nutritional guidance, and a community where you can feel safe and supported by our coaches and peers.
BONUS: Not only is this program already discounted $40 until Oct. 31st as a pre-launch special but Sammie is offering an additional $10 off if you use the coupon code FitGirlsRock at check out.

You can read about the full program here.

This is an getting opportunity to get started on the road to change without feeling intimidated by the gym.

All the best and good luck with the program :)

Until next time,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Interview with Annie at Strong Brees

I had another interview last week and I get more and more excited each time a new opportunity like this pops up.

This one was with Annie of Strong Brees for Motivation Monday.

Check out the post:

These are always so much fun!

Thanks again Annie :)

Until next time,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Raspberry protein muffins

Sunday is usually my day to plan ahead for the week and complete all my food prep as well. Today I tried a new recipe and went with protein muffins instead of protein bars as per my usual.

I thought you guys might enjoy the recipe:

Dry ingredients:
1 cup almond flour
11/2 cup rolled oats
2 scoops of vanilla protein
2 tbsp flax seed
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Sprinkle of coconut
Tsp baking soda
Tsp baking powder

Wet ingredients:
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup egg whites
1 cup water
1/4 cup organic agave syrup (you can substitute this with raw honey or natural maple syrup)

1/2 to 1 cup of raspberries (up to you)

Mix dry ingredients together then gradually add in wet ingredients. Stir well. Add muffin liners to muffin pan, spoon in mixture and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.


Until next time,

Friday, October 18, 2013

Swirl Gear Brand Ambassador

There has been so much exciting stuff going on at FitGirlsRock this past month and now I have more exciting news to add to the pile.

Today I became a Swirl Gear Ambassador and ordered some new gear for myself as well.

Swirl Gear celebrates the individual spirit of active, discerning and motivated women. The performance fabric will keep you cool and dry, even during your most intense workouts. Designed by a woman runner, for women runners.

You log a lot of miles out there...It's time you get noticed.

Check out 

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview with John Casto Fitness Expert

It has been an exciting week fitness wise for me. Today my interview with John Casto Fitness Expert went live.

This on top of my 'Coily Bombshell' of the week from yesterday and I would say this has been a phenomenal week so far :)

Check out my interview with John:

You can also follow John on facebook at

Until next time;

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Coily Bombshell: Bombshell of the week

I'm excited to announce that I have been featured on 'The Coily Bombshell' Blog as the Bombshell of the week.

Preshii Rodgers (owner of the blog) contacted me last week and said that I would be featured today. What a great opportunity, check out the link to the story.

Until next time;

Monday, October 7, 2013

CIBC Run for the Cure

This weekend I participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure. An annual run held each October in support of breast cancer awareness.

As you know, October is breast cancer awareness month and as the opening ceremonies got underway, I was very moved by some of the emotional speeches of breast cancer survivors. I thought of and ran for all women who have survived, who are fighting or who have gone before due to this terrible disease.

It was an explosion of pink as all runners took off for the 5k. There were men with pink tutus, baby strollers decked out in pink, dogs with pink ribbons and so on.

myself all decked out in pink as well

The weather was beautiful and I stayed strong throughout the entire run. I finished in approximately 18 minutes.

Thank you to anyone who donated to the cause and to my run in particular. I raised close to $1100.00 :)

This was my first time ever wearing long socks for a run and I must admit that I was surprised by how comfortable they are. Mine say 'Tough Tatas'; fitting for the particular occasion I think :)
check out for the socks. They come in all colors with many different sayings.

Until next time,

Friday, October 4, 2013

Total Body Training Circuit by FitGirlsRock

My training has been all over the place this last little while because I've been travelling for work and off schedule. I am getting my training in but it is sporadic and feels somewhat disorganized.

Last night I made it to the gym for the first time in a week. I've been doing a lot of my workouts and cardio at home as of late.

Here is what came from my gym session last night; this and sore

Try it out for yourselves :)

5 sets of 10 push press superset with 10 straight leg deadlifts
4 sets of 12 cable flyes superset with 10 weighted step ups per leg
4 sets of 10 reverse flyes superset with 10 front raises
5 sets of 10 hanging leg raises

Let me know how you do if you try this out :)

Until next time,