Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Transformation Tuesday- Christie's story

This is my client Christie and here is her story.

"I've spent my entire life being overweight. Despite being bigger, I stayed quite active with team sports and outdoor winter activities when I was younger. After I moved away from home for college, I became less active and the weight started to pile on quickly. At my highest weight, I was 245 pounds. In my family, food was for celebration, family time, and any other type of emotion. I didn’t learn how to listen to my body and focus on my nutritional needs. Due to carrying around all of the extra weight, I started to have pain in my lower back in my early 20’s and I aggravated the pain with a fall down the stairs. The doctor didn’t seem to have any cure for my pain so he told me I would need to learn to live with it. Rather than accepting that, I decided that losing weight and gaining core strength was something I could control that might help. I started eating paleo in 2014 and immediately noticed I had more energy and the urge to move more. After some work with a physiotherapist and massage therapist, my pain was under control enough that I could start working out. A personal trainer seemed like the safest way to learn how to lift weights and help me focus on my goals. In March of 2015, I met Melissa and haven’t looked back since. She has helped me with knowledge, motivation, and goal setting. I’m now down to 165 pounds and pain free. I still have my struggles day-to-day with eating clean and finding time to workout, but I remind myself of how far I have come and that this is a life-long journey.  "

So proud of this girl. I see her work hard. I see her get out of your comfort zone and I see the confidence that she has built in yourself. Christie has come a long way. Her back pain is gone, her core and body overall are so much stronger. Way to go, Christie!! 

Until next time,