Saturday, March 9, 2013

Healthy lifestyle benefits beyond weight loss

I have been thinking lately about all the additional benefits, beyond just the weight loss, that come with leading a healthy lifestyle.

I wrote on my facebook page a few days ago that I still see so many people living the unhealthy lifestyle and it is truly sad.

"It is a true shame that there are still so many people out there who do not know what a positive difference eating clean and working out does for the body, mind and spirit.
Get lean, get fit, get confident! Feel good inside and out!!"

I thought I'd share some of the benefits I have noticed both inside and out since I started my journey.

The most obvious one is weight loss and lower body fat but there are really so many more additional benefits that come with living this way.

More confidence and better self image which by the way leads to better sex (wink,
Feeling better overall. Emotionally, physically and mentally (mind, body and spirit)
Fewer migraines
IBS symptoms all but eliminated as well as fewer PMS symptoms
More energy; yes even at 4:30am (and I'm not a morning person AT ALL)
Healthier in general, feeling well
Cold and flu happen less frequently (very rarely sick) knock on wood!
Increased endurance and strength
Stronger hair and nails
Skin is clearer
A brighter, more positive attitude
Improved focus and mental clarity
And last but not least; Shopping for clothes is so much easier, fun and more enjoyable

I personally am loving my lifestyle choices to eat clean, be fit and healthy. I feel like a powerful, strong women; constantly learning, trying new training methods and recipes.

My goal is to motivate others to do the same. Even one small change is week can lead to huge rewards; and Remember it's a lifestyle not a diet!

Until next time,


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