Monday, March 25, 2013

Fresh Air and Good Times

Happy Monday everyone.

I have spent the majority of the day completing food prep, cleaning house and doing laundry. I go back to work tomorrow and as much as I wish I didn't have to, this weekend was fabulous and relaxing. The fresh mountain air makes me feel rejuvenated some how. The skiing was superb and the weather was wonderful.

We left on Thursday and I have to admit it was a rough day and I wasn't sure I would be enjoying much of the weekend. I was still tired and sluggish and I just wanted to sleep. However, I pulled myself together after our arrival at Big White mountain and my husband and I took in a few runs that evening. I was pooped by bedtime but the next morning I felt much better. The weekend just improved from there because I had more energy.

There was no gym so I did a couple of body weight workouts inside our hotel room and we skied for at least 4 hours everyday. So I wasn't without exercise but today I was craving lifting something

So my husband and I headed to the gym to train shoulders:
Dumbbell clean and press 50, 55lbs and I am so close to getting 60lbs I can taste it but I'm not quite there yet.
Barbell clean and press 85, 95 and again I am so close to 105lbs but still not there
Seated shoulder press 30, 35, and 40lbs
Front raise super set with upright row (45lbs)

I had my follow up with the naturopath today and so I am still detoxing and working on getting my body and metabolism back to normal. It may take anywhere from a month to three months so I'm staying patient and focusing mainly on that for now as well as my training. My competition goals will have to wait until I get my body back to it's normal state.

Tomorrow is back to work day as well as my session with my trainer. (I look forward to my workout all day long!)

Until next time,
Remember the struggle is what makes the rewards that much greater. Without struggle there is no strength.

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