Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Week of Progress

Hi everyone!

It's been a fabulous week of training, of clean eating and of beating personal bests.

Got right back into training and clean eating on Monday after getting back from vacation plus I had my first appointment with my trainer, Andrew.

This week I began my competition training, although there hasn't been much change in my diet, my training sessions are still quite intense. I have been sore from head to toe all week long and am thrilled about it.

The only change we did make to my eating later in the week was to start adding some starchy carbs to all my meals. The point here is to once again trick my body because I have plateau'd and nothing seems to be moving the extra layer of fat I Adding the extra carbs should help me lose in the long run once we start cutting again, etc.

My workouts this week were phenomenal, I was still off from work due to the shift schedule i follow and so my first day back isn't until Tuesday which made this week easier and more convenient for working out anytime of day.

Monday: leg circuit (with Andrew)
50 pistol squats each leg (5 sets of 10 per leg)
15 step ups, jump lunges and jump squats then 20 and 25 of the same
Plus an ab circuit

Tuesday: quads are so sore I can hardly walk properly, back night (with hubby)
Cardio: 45 minute walk/run
Back: deadlifts (135, 155, 175)
Pull ups: 6, 5, 6
Straight arm pull down: 45lb x 3 sets
Seated rows: 105, 120, 135, 150

Wednesday: chest and shoulders (with Andrew) btw...quads still hurt
Chest press: 95, 105, 115 and 125
Chest dips: 25lb plate, 35lb plate x 3sets
Cable flyes 45lbs superset with atomic push-ups
Shoulder circuit
Cardio: 10 minute treadmill, 10 minute stepper (intervals on both)

Thursday: biceps and triceps (on my own; chest, shoulders and quads all sore)
Concentration curls
Tricep overhead extension superset with bicep curls
Single arm tricep extension superset with single arm bicep curl
Tricep push ups superset with zottman curls
Lying tricep extension superset with 21s

Friday: legs (with Andrew) quads better, shoulders, chest and arms all sore
Barbell squats 135, 185, 225 x2sets, 185
Pistol squats of bosu ball
Hip thrusters 110x3sets, 115x1 set

Saturday: active rest day, cardio only (on my own) buns very sore
Run/ walk intervals outside

Sunday: (on my own) buns still sore
20 sets of stairs at home (10 running, 10 carrying 30lbs)
Ab circuit (2 min plank, 20 jack knives, 1 min plank, 20 lying leg raises x 3sets)

Yep, that's my week in a nutshell. To be honest, it feels great to be back into it full on, to be sore everyday and to be challenging myself with heavy weight. Loads of personal bests accomplished this week <3

I'm 10 weeks out! Scared shitless once again because my body is so damn hard to figure out but excited all the same. Let's see what the next 10 weeks can bring!

Until next time.

Question: I am looking to buy a treadmill for my home. Any recommendations, advice, etc? It would've helpful. Thanks


  1. Hello and how are you? I'm new to your blog and just signed up to receive your emails.
    I see that you are currently in training and I find that fascinating. I am currently entertaining the idea of competing and trying to find out as much information as I can before I commit to a competition. Looking forward to following your journey. :)

    1. Hi. I'm good thanks. Thanks for following. This will be my second time competing and if you go back through some of my old blog posts it will give you what I went through last time in great welcome to FitGirlsRock. Feel free to comment and ask questions as often as you like :)