Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shefit Sports Bra

I recently did a giveaway on my facebook page for a Shefit sports bra. The response was huge and very well received. So I thought I would also write a blog and provide more information on the bras themselves.

These sports bras are amazing because they are the first custom adjustable bra that gives women of all shapes and sizes the support and lift they need. Who doesn't need that extra support? Ideal for women with larger chests who have a hard time finding the right sports bra or who wear 2-3 at a time when working out. The bras are designed to give the ability to adjust velcro straps for a custom fit ensuring the most comfort and support.

These bras are also awesome for women of all fitness levels from professional athletes to anyone just getting started. They zip up for easy on and adjust at both the straps and band for total support that can offer as much or as little support depending on your workout that day or if you lose weight or are a pregnant or nursing momma.

As you can see this bra is for everyone!

To order your own Shefit bra or to check out their other gear please visit

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