Thursday, September 26, 2013

Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador

I'm excited to announce that I became a Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador yesterday. Yay me!

So what is a TDFA?

A TDFA is someone who promotes the TDF vision of fitness, well-being, clean living in a judgement free environment. I will provide support, refrain from judgement and most of all show everyone through my actions that I live and embody what TDF stand for.

I will also be taking part in #pinkWednesdays which is simply that on Wednesday we wear pink! Yesterday was my first pink Wednesday and I wore my new pink 'Tough Tatas' socks for my workout from

FitGirlsRock--#PinkWednesday and Tough Tatas workout:

5 sets:
20 box jumps
5 chinups
20 pushups
5 dumb bell clean & press (50lbs) each arm
1 minute plank

check out Train Dirty Fitness:

Until next time,