Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The 'Terry Fox Run' and Other News

September 15th marked ‘Terry Fox Run’ day. I participated in the event and ran 10km; the first time I actually ran that distance continuously in a long time.

For more info on Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope visit: http://www.terryfox.org/

Fort McMurray actually combined the races into the 1st annual Center City Half Marathon, the 10km, 5km, 3km and I believe 1km kid’s race as well. The event was very well organized.

It was a beautiful morning; a little chilly to start but very nice for running. I started off well and had a good pace for most of the race, however at about the half way mark or maybe even the ¾ mark I got a stitch that slowed me down and my breathing got a little off track from there. I was however able to complete in approximately 50 minutes; not my best but not bad.

I have been struggling with my training and getting myself on track since the Spartan Super race because I have had a cold that I am only now just getting over. I finally seem to be back in the groove and am really looking forward to getting to the gym and lifting some heavy things J

In regards to my metabolism issues, I am still following my high day, low day plan but not seeing much by way of body results however I am not getting discouraged as I do feel really good overall. My supplementation hasn’t changed and I am still following a 5 day training regimen (weights) with morning fasted cardio every second day of the week.

I generally train:
Monday- legs
Tuesday- morning run & chest/triceps
Wednesday- total body endurance and yoga class
Thursday- morning run & Back/ Biceps/ Shoulders
Friday- legs
Saturday- morning run or other active cardio
Sunday- rest

This varies from time to time as sometimes the days change and I may train on Saturdays and take a day off mid-week depending on how I feel or what is going on in my life but generally the structure stays the same.

I have another couple of runs coming up. I plan to participate in the 5.5km zombie run on October 5 and also the Run for the Cure on October 6. Other than that I am just concentrating on how my body feels, on lifting lighter weight for more reps with maybe something really heavy thrown in there every once in a while.

*Remember the hard is what makes it great*

If you are interested in donating to my run for breast cancer on October 6; please click on the link below:

Thanks in advance for the support J

Until next time,

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