Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Time for Rest

Hello everyone!

I guess it is fitting to say that I have pushed my body to its limits and now my body is no longer playing with me but against me. Just fantastic!

As my last post described I have metabolic damage with a whole list of symptoms ranging from extreme fatigue and unexplainable weight gain to digestive issues, low body temperature and no appetite.

How did I get here? There are probably any number of reasons why but I guess one of the biggest is that post competition in November I didn't take any considerable time off. Sure I had a day or two but what's that after 12 plus weeks of training 2-3 times per day? Nothing!

So here I am at a point where I feel gross (mentally and physically), where there are days that I am so exhausted I can hardly function yet still training as if there is nothing wrong. Stupid me!

I met with a coach, Naomi from keane2befit, and she is going to help me get back to my energetic, healthy self but it will take time and the first step is a break from training and lots of rest.

I have had the weekend to absorb this, at first I was devastated, now I've accepted it and am looking at the positive side. I can focus more on finding balance, take leisurely walks and do yoga, I can spend time gardening and enjoying the summer weather plus I can breathe and maybe not feel like I am constantly running on overdrive. I'm going to take the time I need to repair myself and when I finally go back to the gym I'll be better than ever.

My FemSport competition is still a goal and I'm not backing out. We are just limiting my training for it to once a week for now. There are only a little over 2 weeks before the competition anyway.

The Focus now is on repairing my body, eating more (clean, of course), training less and sleeping whenever I need to. It's tough being that I am so active but it's been tougher dealing with this and never feeling any better. At least now, I have finally started the road to recovery.

Naomi will be guiding me and helping me through this process. She's such a great person and so easy to talk to. My training for FemSport will still be with Andrew, he is fantastic too and once I get back on track and get back to training he will still be my go to trainer.

If there is anyone reading this post and the last one that can relate please get some help; it is something a lot of competitors go through especially women. Don't ignore it. It's a struggle but it feels so much better just knowing there is a way to fix it and if you feel like sleep; make sure you sleep. Your body needs rest to begin the healing process.

Until next time,

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