Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FemSport & Update

T-2 days until the FemSport competition; we are super excited and I have a feeling that Bam Bam’s Newfie Chicks are going to rock it.

Our logo is developed, shirts are made, cars have been pushed, tires flipped, sleds pulled and we have box jumped to death. I will have another two workouts and a couple of sessions of hot yoga before the big day.
The registration and mandatory athletes meeting take place Friday night and there is an official photographer for the event.
I am in Calgary already for work and will be staying now until after the competition, flying home on Sunday. The other girls will get here on Friday as well as Andrew, our trainer. My husband can’t make it to the event, although he would love to be here, but his mom is coming to watch.
I feel that we are ready and no matter how it goes the day of the event I know we can finish with pride because we trained hard and put in our best effort. We are there to give it our all but also to have fun.
FemSport 2013 here we come!
On a different note; I have been feeling better, getting more sleep and training only 2 days a week. I am on a re-balance program which includes juicing, shakes and some balanced meals as well as a supplement program. It is meant to provide me with all the macro-nutrients I need and re-balance my hormones, etc. Sleeping is a must as much as possible. I have cut down my work hours and noticed a big difference since I am no longer getting up at 4am, going until 10pm or later and working on 6 hours of sleep or less per night.
I feel like I am finally on the road to recovery. Patience is key as it is with everything I suppose so seeing my body catch up in regards to leaning out again will take longer but at least I am coming around and for that I am grateful. I no longer feel like I can’t make it through the day because I want to go to sleep; I can actually function. My body temperature seems to be slowly getting back to normal, my appetite is still not quite where it should be and emotionally I am sometimes all over the map but just like it took me awhile to get here it is also going to take me awhile to get back on track.
It is a continuous struggle right now but I am pushing through and I have no intention of ever giving up. I have a dream and I am going to make it happen.
Until next time,

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